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Prevention Against Rape - Love Life Association


Education On Rape Prevention

Prevent Yourself From Being A Rape Victim

Safety At Home

  • Make sure all your doors and gates are locked and all times
  • Advise your children, housemates or family members to never open the door for anyone if they do not know them
  • Use quality locks for your home which can be double bolted
  • Change your locks if you are moving to a new home or have lost a key
  • Do not ever give a copy of your house key to others or leave a spare outside your home

Rape Risk Reduction

  • If you are home alone, don’t inform this to friends but only to your own family members
  • Do your best to avoid situations that may put yourself at risk such as walking alone in dark places, being alone in places where there are no public movement, or going to risky areas that have high crime rates
  • If you are being followed by a stranger, quickly go to the nearest police station or get assistance from the nearest house or public facilities like a grocery store, petrol station and etc.
  • Always walk in groups at night and never alone
  • Do not try to make contact or engage in confrontation with anyone that is following you
  • Try your best to escape in a potentially dangerous situation and scream for help to get the attention of those near to you
  • It is best to carry pepper spray with you for self-defense in the event that you have no choice but to engage the person trying to harm you
  • In the event that you have no choice but to engage the person trying to harm you, use the most effective common available item in your purse such as keys or perfume against the stranger

What To Do If You Are Raped?

  • Firstly, you must know that it was not your fault. This period will bring intense emotions to you but you are not to blame for this
  • Do not change your clothes, shower, go to the toilet, comb your hair, or clean up any area on your body. As hard it may be for you, these are evidence that will be needed by the authorities to find the rapist who did this evil act on you
  • Make sure that you are in a safe place or try to get to a location that you can get the assistance of people
  • If you have your phone with you, call the closest person which can be either a friend or family member
  • Head to the police station immediately so that they can conduct the relevant forensic and rape kit assessment