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Love Life’s Mission

Loving New Life;

Caring Expectant Mothers

What We Do?

Care , Educate , Spread Awareness!

56 Million abortions are done each year that as ripped these young lives from brightening the face of this earth
48.5 Million couples in the world are infertile where a child would make their life complete.

We Provide Care & Support For Mothers To Be

Many young ladies around the world are left with nowhere to turn when they have an unplanned pregnancy without the support of family or partner. We support these individuals through their pregnancy so that they may conceive successfully and provide support for them in getting their life together so that they may support their newborn child and in time earn a living on their own.

We Advocate Education On Contraception

Many teenagers and adults these days despite religious values and beliefs are involved in some form of sexual relationship before marriage. This would indeed be a challenge should the girl become pregnant hence in addition to educating in terms of moral values we advocate the use of contraception and the knowledge of how to use them to prevent an unplanned pregnancy.

We Spread Awareness On The Risks of Abortion

Most ladies consider abortion as the most viable option to an unplanned pregnancy however there are so many risks that they are exposing themselves to by choosing this path. We work towards spreading awareness of the risks of abortion in addition to brutally killing the life growing within. We help ladies make an informed decision and support if needed in their pregnancy

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